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You, me & Villa

You, me and Villa

Gather your friends for a stay at Villa unlike any other.
Enjoy our heated outdoor pool while sipping on your complimentary glass of champagne. Talk for hours in the Courtyard, enjoy a long snooze and complete the stay with a movie night and breakfast in bed.

The stay includes one glass of champagne per person, late check-out at 2 pm and 45 minute pool access per day included.

Enhance your stay with add-ons such as movie night snacks and a delicious in-room breakfast. Read more about the add-ons below.

Price from 2546 DKK per night for 2 persons

Add-on: Breakfast in bed

Make the most of your late check-out with a slow morning in bed with breakfast á la Villa.

Breakfast Menu

Pancakes topped fresh berries and maple sirup
Juice of your choice - apple / orange / seasonal
Pastry from RUG bakery
Coffee or tea of your choice
Plate of fresh cut seasonal fruit

A choice between
- Toasted sourdough bread from RUG bakery with cream cheese, avocado, cold smoked salmon from Iceland and organic poached egg
- Chef`s choice omelette

195 DKK per person

Add-on: Movie night snacks

Make-up off and PJs on. Spend the night in with your best friend and our movie night snacks, including popcorn and sweets.

95 DKK