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T37 Sharing Bar

Every dish has a story; sharing breathes it to life.

From the warmth of the South, we have learned to share big moments and small plates. To share evenings that are not just meals, not just drinks, but a door to conversations that last until way after the sun goes down. For those magic evenings, we have selected the best local ingredients and shaped them through the knowledge of the many nationalities that make up the T37 team. From then on, we just had to do what we do best: Create unique experiences.

About T37

In the days of the Central Post Office, postmen would gather at T37, surrounded by letters and packages. Today, T37 has evolved into a vibrant sharing bar. As we strive to create a culinary experience for all, we're committed to minimizing our environmental impact and uplift the local community. It sets the perfect stage for sharing delectable dishes and creating memorable evenings.

Find us here: Copenhagen Central Post Building, Tietgensgade 35-39, 1704 København

  • Find inspiration on the T37 Instagram profile as our menu unfolds and evolves.