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Rug Bakery

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Rug, meaning “Rye” in Danish, is Villa’s on-site bakery, serving fresh bread, traditional treats and coffee to locals and hotel guests. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy their morning rituals in the bakery’s sunlit space or take their coffee outside to the terrace. Designed to complement its neighbouring restaurant, the space features bold, vibrant interiors, drawing curious visitors inside regardless of the time of day.

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday 07:30 to 17:00

A neighbourhood hub

Having our own onsite bakery is a unique way to introduce hotel guests to Copenhagen’s eminent bakery culture. Rug hopes to become a gathering space for the local community, attracting baked-goods enthusiasts from the surrounding neighbourhoods with their flavourful bread and pastries.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Gonzalo Guarda moved to Europe upon finishing his studies in gastronomy. Gonzalo found himself drawn to the fermentation process behind bread and sourdough, sparking his interest in baking. The former Noma-chef started his journey at Meyers Bakery before moving on to other artisan bakeries in the city. Now, as Rug’s head baker, Gonzalo hopes to apply this same passion and enthusiasm to his craft, creating culinary treats for visitors from Copenhagen and beyond.