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Villa Copenhagen is determined to redefine the industry. We want to be the best hotel for the world by taking full responsibility for our environmental footprint. This in a both physical as well as social way as we also urge to find better ways to do business for both people and planet.



Villa Copenhagen employs a vast variety of employees from various backgrounds. It is of high importance that regardless of educational background, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation all employees are respected as individuals and treated with dignity.

We continuously aim to provide all employees further training and education. At all times working conditions at Villa Copenhagen must be and will be decent. Various initiatives are developed to create a strong corporate culture based on diversity and respect as well as initiatives that promote and support employee health and happiness.

Villa Copenhagen plays an active part within the local communities and engages in local causes. We aim to attract locals as well as tourists, therefore it only makes sense to play an active part in creating a sustainable Copenhagen with thriving communities. Sustainable cities and communities attract tourists to Copenhagen both presently and in a long perspective.

Through a range of initiatives Villa Copenhagen plays an active part in supporting local communities and promoting Copenhagen on a global level.


We take full responsibility for our impact on the planet. At the core of the foundation of Villa Copenhagen is the ambition to enjoy everything life has to offer from grand experiences and unexpected encounters, to quality food and inspiring surroundings, while at the same time take responsibility for one’s actions and impact on the planet.

Therefore, goal 12 is at the core of Villa Copenhagen and reflected in everything Villa Copenhagen does. From decisions on what will be served in the restaurants to the amenities in the hotel suits and the materials at the foundation of the hotel.

People, who otherwise may never meet, cross paths at a hotel. Goal 17 provides unique opportunities through the SDGs to attract corporate customers with the same interests both globally and domestically.

As a global touch point with a strong purpose, Villa Copenhagen has the unique ability to bring people and corporations together who either already work or aspire to work towards the SDGs, hence Villa Copenhagen aims to become a promoter and accelerator for the SDGs.