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How Villa Copenhagen follows restrictions to prevent contamination and further spread of COVID-19.

All our guests at Villa are welcomed without any hand shakes or other physical contact - the same applies for our employees in between to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

CHECK-IN OPTIONS have been modified to avoid congregating at the front desk area and maintain social distancing, this including:
- Possibility to schedule check-in time with private meet and greet
- Keyless entry/remote check-in through the Nordic Choice App (download in Apple App Store and Google Play)
- Personal check-ins using open air spaces
- Virtual check-out via our communication system (text messages)
- For guests using keys, key cards will be suspended for 72 hours before being used again by another guest

BELL SERVICES AND HELP WITH LUGGAGE is on the guests request only.

FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICES AND AREAS are modified to prevent contamination, this by:
- All food & beverage outlets at Villa will be closed until at least May 6th 2021.
- Our brasserie Kontrast will be closed. Everyone with an existing reservation will be contacted directly.
- Breakfast for staying guests has to be picked up in our Courtyard after choosing a menu and a time for pick up. A link will be sent to the guest.
- Our Courtyard Bar and In Room Dining will be closed for lunch, snacks, dinner and drinks till at least May 6th 2021.

POOL & WELLNESS has the following restrictions:
- Both our gym and sauna will be closed until at least May 6th 2021.
- The pool is open on weekdays from 7 to 10 AM and from 3 to 8 PM. On weekends from 7 AM to 10 PM. Because of social distancing restrictions, there is a maximum capacity of guests allowed in our pool-area. Please note that we will send you a link before your arrival where you can book a 30-minute time-slot at 45 dkk/person.

MEETINGS & EVENTS at Villa are ensured to follow guidelines on distance and disease & infection control:
- The sizes of the given event spaces will determine the allowed number of participants and will by this not exceed the applicable assembly restrictions. The organizers will make sure to keep 1 meter between guests, by setting up information signs.
- Frequent contact surfaces on ex. tables, chairs and counters will be disinfected with sanitizer (with alcohol/antibacterial) prior to the guests’s arrival. Exposed areas and surfaces are regularly wiped and disinfected during operation. Cleaning is done with disposable paper towels and green cleaning cloths which are changed frequently.

HOUSEKEEPING and the presence of our staff is increased through:
- Higher frequency of cleaning public spaces & extra attention to disinfecting often touched surfaces
- Staffs hands are washed with soap more often, and always after a cleaning. Hands are dried with paper, not towels. All staff always wear clean uniforms for each shift and no jewelry, watches etc. are worn.
- Rooms are cleaned carefully between each guests stay, cleaning the room when it is empty and by airing it out.
- Usual routines for periodic cleaning and daily routines are followed, but with an extra caution to wipe and disinfect door handles, faucet handles, remote controls, and other handles and high-contact surfaces, such as, on-and-off switches for lights, and other electronics. Peepholes are also cleaned.
- All towels, bed sheets and glasses in the room are replaced regardless of whether they have been used or not.
- All cleaning equipment is always disinfected after each use.
- The usual routines for periodic cleaning and daily routines are followed, but with extra caution to wiping and disinfecting door handles, faucet handles and other handles and high-contact surfaces, such as, elevator buttons, self check-in stations, bannisters on the staircases, etc.
- Cleaning is done in front of the guests, if this does not hinder logistics and noise. Cleaning personnel can’t wait until the premises are empty of guests. The more people are using the facilities, the more frequently the facilities are cleaned. In case of higher occupancy constant disinfection of surfaces such as handles, rails, chairs, benches, counters etc. are performed at least once every hour.